Monday, November 28, 2005

So, O'so Krispie, yo. She won "r u the girl?" to be in TLC (or at least to make the "i bet" single with them).
We caught this show every now and then on Much Mucus, and we thought "she's so cool - there's no way she'll win this thing."
Krispie was uncharacteristically fun, unpretentious, and not "cake" (like the other contestants).

Saturday, November 26, 2005

My new business:
"I'm Not A F*cking Handyman Inc."
it's a new concept that i've been working on where no one calls me to do odd jobs, and i don't get paid to do them.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

new hurra torpedo clips on ifilm: Hurra Torpedo - School House Rockers and Hurra Torpedo - Trailer
i wish that was my birthday party.
I hate that it's politically incorrect to call Christmas... uh... "Christmas". They now have a "Holiday Tree" in Boston.
I'm not offended by the words "Kawnzaa, Hunukkah (or Chanukah), Ramadan" nor am I offended by the names " Buddah, Mohammad, L. Ron Hubbard, Jehovah"
(sadly an image of "Kwanzabot" (Futurama) could not be found.)

nov 28: i heard today that Boston caved (public outrage) and it's a Christmas tree again. a good point made (on cbc, of course) was that when one of the first "Christmas" trees was displayed at a church in North America the congregation was outraged that their pastor would adopt pagan traditions. so maybe the "holiday" tree is just being reclaimed by the pagans. that's fine. i can live with "holiday tree" (if I have to). but i can't see why we can't keep "Christmas".

I got a response from CBC. I was pretty uh... forward in my reply, but I do think it was very cool of Pierce to respond.
I have complained in the past and gotten no response (although I have gotten a reply or two in the past too).

comment: i love radio one, i've been a daily listener for probably a
decade or so. i like (probably love) the vast majority of the
programming, and at it's worst I generally like it more than commercial
except for freestyle.
the conclusion that i've come to is that radio one shouldn't play music
at all, especially top 40.
a clip of a new release or from someone being interviewed (preferrably
canadian, in either case) would be tolerable.
if i want to listen to music i can listen to another channel.
more talk, less* rock.
*less as in none.

Dear Rus Heggie,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding CBC Radio's programming changes. It allows us to correct misinformation contained in recent print accounts and gives the opportunity to confirm our programming goals for the future.

CBC Radio is a creative programming organization. Creativity is fuelled by a willingness to risk with new programming ideas. Over the past two years, over 40 new programs or series have enriched our schedules. Many, such as The Wire, the Current, and Wiretap, have won a record number of national and international awards for excellence. It is a track record that we value and on which, we intend to build. I assure you that we have no intention to undermine our commitment to thoughtful, engaging radio programming.

However, it often seems every time changes are made on CBC Radio, we are accused of relinquishing our commitment to public service broadcasting. We are accused of dumbing down by those who valued the program being replaced. These perceptions are simply untrue. We are guilty of wanting to expand our creativity. We want to try new ideas. Some will work. Some will not. Those that don't will disappear but these programs will get a fair chance. Our people who put their reputation and their creativity on the line deserve a fair opportunity.

Freestyle is a daily talk show delivered in a chat style suitable to afternoon listening. It connects to the day and music is a supporting but important value. That music will be predominantly Canadian. Any reports of a prevalence of Elton John, Madonna and Top 40 are ill-informed and false. This show is still finding its voice, and I'm asking you to give its talented hosts and producers an opportunity to do that. Whether Freestyle settles in for an extended stay or runs its course in a season is yet to be determined but rest assured CBC Radio will never produce programs that overlap with the kind of wall-to-wall hit music heard on other stations.

CBC Radio belongs to all Canadians. We are not exclusively after young listeners. We do want to connect with listeners of any age whose defining characteristic is curiosity. Canada is changing. Serving the needs of a diverse spectrum of Canadians will, by definition, mean not all programs are for all people. With a wide variety of genres, demographics and creative approaches, there are shows for every taste*and every accusation of dumbing down is counterbalanced by a corresponding alternate perception of elitist and exclusionary attitudes. When the attacks come equally from both sides, you're probably well positioned.

CBC Radio has been, and will remain, firmly committed to public broadcasting. The qualities that are at the core of all our programs are intelligence, excellence, distinctiveness on the dial, Canadian in flavour and an authentic reflection of Canada in all ways: culturally, politically and socially. To that end, our priorities are to further develop a radio service that is strongly rooted in all regions of Canada and provide a national signal composed of genuine regional perspectives.

I sincerely hope that you continue to find value in the majority of our schedule and find some comfort in the explanation that I have provided.


Pierce Dithers
Communications Assistant
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation


I appreciate your response.

You said, "CBC Belongs to all Canadians" - exactly why I was expressing my dissatisfaction with the music on "freestyle" (and on further reflection why I came to the personal conclusion that radio one is not a place for music in general, or in this quantity at least).

"CBC Belongs to all Canadians" is a great idea, however not all Canadians listen to CBC. Logically, the CBC should belong to the Canadians that listen to the CBC most frequently.

as you experiment with new programming I hope that you will always seriously consider the input that you get from your listeners. How were listeners consulted prior to this change? Why was the change made? In what way was "The Roundup" not meeting the requirements to remain on the air? What exactly are your "programming goals"? What credence do the hosts and producers give to the audience responses?

Can you honestly tell me that there is an equal response on the positive side for "freestyle" as much as on the negative? if so, are you placing the attacks in context of where they are coming from? places where cbc is one of two stations on the dial vs. where cbc is a choice among innumerable other channels? quality should not be sacrificed for a small population who are not representative of the larger audience. I get the impression that this show is not "working" for a large number of people (for several different reasons that I'm sure you are aware of by this point).

It would seem that "expanding creativity" can, and was, being made possible within the parameters of "The Roundup". Recently in the "movable mosh", the "seniors discount", and in the past Bill Richardson played older records from the CBC library. Apparently some worked and some did not. It may have been wiser to see if "freestyle would "work" or not within "The Roundup". In which case I would say that you did relinquish your "commitment to public service broadcasting", although I wouldn't have occurred to me until I read your letter.

In particular "distinctiveness on the dial" has been compromised in regards to the music played (and how playing songs I can hear on any other classic rock station can be explained as "expanding creativity" confounds me) .

While "freestyle" finds it's "voice", it seems strange to silence another program that found it's voice, especially just for the sake of repeating the process of allowing a program to find it's voice.

I hope that you will consider the things that I have submitted and/or the matter will be brought to those in a position to improve content of "freestyle".

Thanks Again,
Rus Heggie

Sunday, November 20, 2005

if you haven't seen "ouxfoxed" or "control room" you should.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

I just discovered that Jason Lee and Ethan Suplee (of My Name Is Earl) are both scientologists (according to, as is Soleil Moon Frye (Punky Brewster).
I'm tempted to ask what's up with scientologists? but I know that a high percentage of the world's population considers my religion pretty silly.

Friday, November 18, 2005

what i learned this week on cbc:

- polio in an amish community.
"the girl is now a wellspring for polio, a modern-day Typhoid Mary who can pass it along to others. Anyone who has not been vaccinated is vulnerable."

- 90% (or more) of the medical resources go to fight 10% of the world's illnesses. 1 child dies from malaria in africa every 30 seconds. maybe we should focus on the ones that kill the most people first.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

some more freestyle haters:
and that was just the first page of my search under: "freestyle, cbc"

my most recent of several letters to the cbc:

i love radio one, i've been a daily listener for probably a decade or so. i like (probably love) the vast majority of the programming, and at it's worst I generally like it more than commercial radio.
except for freestyle.
the conclusion that i've come to is that radio one shouldn't play music at all, especially top 40.
a clip of a new release or from someone being interviewed (preferrably canadian, in either case) would be tolerable.
if i want to listen to music i can listen to another channel.
more talk, less* rock.
*less as in none.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Or substitute "Alberta Conservatives" for "Liberals" and change that "12 years" to "34 years".

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

well i've re-arranged my schedule* (so i work earlier and through my lunch break) so i don't have to listen to "freestyle". My condolences to anyone who isn't able to do this too.

* My Pronunciation: 'ske-(")jü(&)l

Monday, November 14, 2005

while i'm on the topic of the cbc, i'd like to bitch a little about Don Hill. Some of you might know him as the former host of the Alberta call-in show "Wildrose Forum". He was fired around March of this year in connection to him digging up certain links between Enron and the Alberta Government.
While I don't support what appears to have been censorship, I did not like Don Hill and I don't miss him at all. He was a pandering cheezeball, but that's not all.
In late 2004 Paul Hinman was elected the MLA for a riding in Southern Alberta (with a large population of mormons) for the Alberta Alliance Party. Don talked about how this was possibly the beginning of U.S.A. style religious-right voting.
I brought the following points to his attention via email: Hinman won by a slim margin of just over 100 votes, the alliance did poorly in Lethbridge east and west (with higher mormon populations) compared to Lacombe-Ponoka and Stettler-Drumheller (both with much smaller mormon populations), so where is the evidence of the "mormon vote"? He just played dumb and acted like he didn't get my point.
Good riddance.

Friday, November 11, 2005

so we're not alone:
my little cbc blog
I was listening to "Freestyle" on friday when they announced that they would soon be playing "Trooper" and "The "Police", so I switched to a local fm channel (called "the river" - not too swift, not too deep) and they were finishing up a police song, and right after - you guessed it - trooper!! So this is what the cbc has been reduced to.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

cbc listeners of the world unite and take over:
the radio one show "the roundup" has been cancelled and replaced by an abomination called "freestyle".

"we're playing lots of music. Music that doesn't normally make it on the CBC," such as Madonna, Elton John and Top 40... This is the kind of show you can have on in the background at work, in the dentist office, moms at home. We're really hoping we can move into the work market, the office market, retail..." oh no.
that was quoted from here.

here's a little more on that subject.

complain for me here.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

The old yellow ribbon issue. as i drive around this here town i sees 'em all over. i saw one with a canadian flag at the top of the ribbon recently (which lead me to consider that it might be more appropriate if it said: "support our troop.", or maybe: "support whose troops?"). then i saw a bright pink ribbon that said "support badgirls", this made me aware of the full extent of the possibilities.
the aged band Kiss could have a black ribbon: "Support Our Troops, Join The Kiss Army."
any ideas for a ribbon for your cause?
my new hate: in the past 2 weeks i've heard 4 different people (on the radio) use the term "fear factor" where "fear" would have been sufficient. i beg you all not to allow yourselves to fall prey to this!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

church and state - or church vs. state - Liz was asking me if i was going to put up a new post, and this is the only thing that's been kicking around by brain lately. should the "intelligent design theory" be taught in public schools? i submit that parents that push for it have a lack of faith in what they are teaching their children, or in what they are failing to teach them.